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On-Star woes (suckers....)

Okay I just found out if you read here:
So if I use a cell jammer like the one I've built, it blocks all of those frequencies 850mhz (CDMA) and 1900mhz(DCS). If this is the case then for those who like to steal stuff, cell jammer on = no on-star, which = no cops, which equals not alerting the owner of the vehicle. Now I can easily deactivate my car alarm in under 5 seconds by popping the hood open and pulling the battery terminal off, and I'm no thief! I think they can do it faster than I. This tells me that on-star needs to get their shit in gear.
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Originally posted by Allout
I heard that Onstar utilizes the Analog legacy cell system. If this is so, will the Onstar antenna work with a TDMA or GSM phones?
OnStar does use analog, which is probably around 800MHz..maybe 850MHZ (if I remember my analog correctly). There is TDMA operation at 850MHz as well (I believe) so that should work. But, there's also TDMA at higher frequencies, like 1900MHz. Ditto for GSM. While the antenna might work for 1900MHz, the efficiency of the antenna might suffer, since 1900MHz is not a harmonic of 850MHz.

Anyone know off-hand what frequency band the OnStar system uses? As long as your equipment uses the same band (or a harmonic thereof) you should be OK.

Also, higher frequencies may not work, even at reduced efficiency, if there's an amplifier between the source and the antenna.
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