Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another fine example...

Here is a good example of an idiot. I guy calls me up telling me that his amp "ain't workin". So he comes over I open up the amp and tested the diodes. Surprise surprise, most of them are blown. I take a look at the fuse holder and I see two 40 amp fuses in place of where there should be two 30 amp fuses. I give him "the look" and tell him he is an idiot. Fuses are rated at 125% of MAXIMUM power input. His excuse was "I heard it makes the sub sound better". Then I tell him "No, getting a better amp makes the sub sound better." So he is out of 120 bucks because repairing the amp is not worth it. This is a major Palmface. This is the reason why some people should not be allowed near anything that uses electricity. Kid was lucky that the wire didn't short out either as I saw he did not use rubber washer's around the drill holes.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Well I got my Alt installed, Kyle (now called "Bracket Man") tried to make an H bracket but he made the mounting holes to low so it would not work with my current belt. However my bracket will do, even though the alt is about 3 degrees of kilter, it shouldn't hurt the car in the long run. The belt will be changed out when Bracket Man can help take the front end off of my Sportage. I really should take some pictures of us working, but alas we are typical to busy. I have tested the car around town and never exceeded 50mph (4000 RPM's) and the belt held. The only issue is the voltage drop, the alternator's Internal regulator apparently drops the voltage fro m14.4 to 13.5 when the battery is charged, this isn't a problem mainly because at a 120 amp load the volt drop is only 200mV (0.2V). So all in all everything is going smoothly. I might even add a second alt to the car with the help of Bracket Man.
This picture is slightly out of date, after driving, the alt moved by one degree, and the picture's view angle makes it appear as if the alt is perfectly centered. I'll update in the morning, along with some pictures of my SUV.
(Yes it's 4 gauge wire, heavy stuff.).
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21 Inch Subwoofer

All Hail the Pyle Pro PDW21250. I bought mine here.
Anyway I have one in my car and one in my garage waiting, I'm paying my friend Kyle to build the box this time around, 60 bucks for the box is pretty damn cheap. And yes I'm putting two in my car without taking out the rear seats. Anyhow, 107dB at one watt with a 22Hz response is some pretty damn good stuff. The one I have now at 60 volts into it (250 watts) putts out 128.5 dB according to my aircraft dB meter. But because the surface area is so large the sound travels real far with less power than that. Also at 8 ohms these things draw less current (they are voltage hungry) but less current = longer life and less THD. Basically look for an amp that can put out high voltage (volts = the square root of watts x resistance), look for a high RMS rating at 4 ohms, it will be half of that power at 4 ohms. Right now I'm using a Profile AP1200 for the sub, and because they are 8 ohms I can wire both in parallel on the bridged output giving me the same power I had at one, (250 watts) but now it's 250 watts into each sub. I plan on getting the box done next week.
And pictures!!!
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My New Blog

Well this blog should help me "vent" my frustrations and hopefully provide insight to other people with home/car, audio/video installs. I will also focus some of time to personal things such as computers.