Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another fine example...

Here is a good example of an idiot. I guy calls me up telling me that his amp "ain't workin". So he comes over I open up the amp and tested the diodes. Surprise surprise, most of them are blown. I take a look at the fuse holder and I see two 40 amp fuses in place of where there should be two 30 amp fuses. I give him "the look" and tell him he is an idiot. Fuses are rated at 125% of MAXIMUM power input. His excuse was "I heard it makes the sub sound better". Then I tell him "No, getting a better amp makes the sub sound better." So he is out of 120 bucks because repairing the amp is not worth it. This is a major Palmface. This is the reason why some people should not be allowed near anything that uses electricity. Kid was lucky that the wire didn't short out either as I saw he did not use rubber washer's around the drill holes.

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