Saturday, March 21, 2009

New amp, FUCK YEAH!!!!

Visonik V4000XD specs and internal pictures
Well I finally installed this amp in two days ago, been enjoying it thoroughly before writing up on it. It's the best amp I can find for high output voltage. Also its the SAME board as the MA Audio HK4000D. EXACT SAME BOARD, just half as much. (That's what the link above is for).

Also unlike the HK this thing has several extra output turns, which means higher voltage which = more power. I haven't tested it with a current meter yet to see how much power I'm using however I am able to tap out my alt, time to get a bigger one. Also the alt wire is really 2 gauge (it's larger than 1/2 an inch in wire diameter, but it's labeled and sold as 4 gauge) it's called kolossus fleks wire. Well worth the price. Also my ears pop (you know like when you go over a hill) when I listen to this monster, wish I bought it sooner.

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